Join us on a journey to a place where a soul of heartfelt musical passion meets edm, sweet piano and killer rock-n-roll tone with a keytar axe in an eclectic mix of genras.

Jedrok, is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer and producer with a passion to create, record and perform original and cover music that chillz, moves, rocks, touches and heals.
Whether performing acoustically with just piano and vocals or blazing a multi-keyboard performance with audience participation, Jedrok brings it from the heart to your soul.

Committed to fighting the moral decay of life principals promoted by negative music, Jedrok is dedicated to making this world a better, more connected, spiritually aware place to live, love, feel and experience... by promoting and performing music which has a positive impact and speaks of life's truths with a feeling of deep passion.
Through music we can become better human beings capable of loving, healing, sharing, growing and giving of ourselves to better the world around us.
Currently gearing up for new releases and remixes of old ones...
Jedrok can be seen performing in powerhouse duo Jedrok, as a one-man-rock-band and in Soulimpact Band.
Jeff Charles aka Jedrok: keyboards, keytar, vocals
Joe Rivas: drums, percussion, vocals
Danny Flood: guitars, vocals

presently auditioning for new drummer



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